The Home Tour Fundraiser–this Saturday!

The annual Community Library Tour of Homes will kick off the morning of August 6th, touring four homes north of Ketchum in the Eagle Creek and Glassford/Stonegate neighborhoods.  Frequent busses will provide transportation from the front steps of the Library at 415 Spruce Avenue in Ketchum.  No cars are allowed, though bicycles are welcome on the tour.  Tickets may be purchased online through Friday, and at the Library during open hours at any time, including Saturday, the day of the tour.  After the tour, relax at the Garden Party in Stonegate and enjoy some of the best views in the Valley!

The August book order is off, and new books will be here soon–if you have a newly published book on your reading radar, we do, like the Piano Man, do requests.  a Interlibrary loans from libraries all over the country are available at any time to our cardholding patrons.  And, as always, library cards are free to visitors and residents alike (just bring a picture ID.)  The Community Library receives no tax funding.  Our open enrollment policy is made possible by the generous donations from all of our patrons throughout the year and at events like the Tour of Homes and sales from the fabulous Gold Mine Thrift Store.

I just opened a delivery of backordered books, to add to the catalog tomorrow, including Raymond Holden’s new biography of Richard Strauss for the Summer Symphony fans.  We also received a new addition to our Hemingwayiana collection in time for the upcoming Hemingway Symposium this October, Ernest Hemingway and Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Cultural Ascendancy and the Shaping of Literary Figures by Sandra J. Clifton.

In an anniversary marking the spirit of giving, this past weekend was the 40th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh (the CD/DVD compendium is available in our collection!)  The George Harrison website did have a live stream of the groundbreaking fundraising concert July 30th-August 1st, and stream of the film is our e-link of the week, featuring George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and a host of others– The Concert for Bangladesh.

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  1. When Idaho City burned to the ground in the 1860s, the Waldron Shakespeare troupe from San Francisco — in town at the time — performed benefit performances for the families who had been left homeless with winter coming on. Although they had lost all of their sets and costumes, they were able to raise thousands of dollars in gold and silver bullion to help those in need. Performing artists always seem ready to give their best for a good cause! ~Sandy RHD

  2. That story highlights the best meanings of the phrase, “The Show must go on!”

  3. I always love to visit historic homes. People were a lot smaller than they are now. Even the stairs seemed to be made for smaller people.

    • Early settlers and pioneers had to be more creative and thrifty with basic materials–it’s remarkable how some of the early houses survived fire and snowfall through so many years. I’m afraid development claimed more historic homes in this area than dilapidation.

  4. It’s interesting that in the United States an old home is one that was built in the 1980’s, but in Europe an old home has seen hundreds of years. Reading a book about the French Revolution and it’s adoption of the philosophy of Transmutation (Evolution, to us). “Out with the old” and “We are progressing to perfection.” Maybe the destruction of the old is evidence that we still believe in the possibility of perfection…

    • Louis Marquis de Fontanes was rather arch on the subject of perfection to Napoleon in 1804, according to Seldes in his compilation of quotations…”Sire, the desire of perfection is the worst disease that ever afflicted the human mind.”

  5. I’d have to agree!

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