Transformative art, with a little mystery…

The Community Library fall exhibition of art pieces created from books is now on display in the adult library–everyone is welcome to come in and ruminate on the artwork.  Some pieces will be on sale in support of the library.

Recently, some beautiful paper sculptures have been mysteriously donated to cultural institutions around Scotland, “in support of libraries, books, words, ideas.” The ‘poetree’ above was donated to the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh.

Each sculpture is delicately tailored to each institution, with pointed, poetic and sometimes finely ironic messages and captions attached.  The gramaphone and coffin above was constructed from an edition of Ian Rankin’s Sottish mystery Exit Music and gifted to the National Library of Scotland with the tag “A gift in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….. (& against their exit)”.  Other anonymous giftings have been discovered in the Filmhouse Cinema, home of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  The sculptor is partial to the works of Ian Rankin, but does venture into other sourceworks to make a point:



The cover of the book is as delicately carved as the interior pages



The art may be mysterious and ethereal, but the point is quite direct–


Libraries are Expansive!

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  1. I thought I had seen all of this year’s altered books, but I had missed the ones you featured. I guess I have some more exploring to do . Sandy

  2. You’ll have to travel a little farther afield to view the one’s in Scotland! . But it would be fun…

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