It’s already the holidays @TheCommunityLibrary–the December books arrived!





book raised from the ground

This novel by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago was first published in 1980, but is now available in English.  The first Portuguese edition won the City of Lisbon Prize in 1980.  The novel follows the fortunes of a family of landless peasants, the Mau-Tempos, in agricultural Alentejo province over two world wars and through the coming of the republic.  Ursula K. LeGuin writes about Saramago:  “He got ahead of us; he is ahead of us.  His work belongs to our future.”

cover art makers

Author Chris Anderson is also the writer of the bestseller The Long Tail.  Anderson explores the advent and implications of the open source Maker movement and how micromanufactured Do It Yourself products will be a driving force in the new global economy.  Anderson is also the cofounder of 3DRobotics and DIY Drones.  More information about the Maker movement can be found at

cover art mandarin gate

The newest book in Edgar-winner Eliot Pattison’s Inspector Shan series has just been released.  This series is set in modern Tibet, and the books explore both ancient mysteries and modern political and social conflicts between the ruling Chinese government and the Tibetans.  This series is an excellent option for readers who like to explore new countries and cultures with their mysteries, such as Colin Cotterill’s Laotian series and Alexander McCall Smith’s books set in Botswana.

LibraryDenizen has started a GoodRead account where I have loaded some more new and unusual arrivals at The Community Library.  Comments and recommendations are welcome!  Let LibraryDenizen know if you want to share in a startup Community Library online reading group, or just friend the account.  Any feedback from other readers using Goodreads is appreciated!

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