104,000 Checkouts for Christmas! What’s on your top ten favorite list?

wild strayed


Top ten lists abound as the year rolls to an end. Rather than inflict another list, we would like to ask you what your favorite reads are this year. What movies and documentaries did you enjoy most? What music caught your ear? And no, the favorites don’t have to be items checked out from the library–we like to spackle over any holes in the collection!

Early this December, the Community Library surpassed 100,000 checkouts to our patrons in 2012. We’ve supplied 1,114 new patrons with free library cards since the start of last year. All in all, our front line librarians have performed over 250,000 (a quarter of a million!) transactions to keep the library working smoothly for all our patrons. Over two hundred of our over-achieving patrons checked out more than 100 items last year. And one of our amazing patrons will pass 4000 checkouts in the last ten years by the year’s end.

baldacci the innocent

Our most borrowed books this year included Cheryl Strayed’s biography Wild, Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, David Baldacci’s The Innocent and Gillian Flynn’s breakout novel Gone Girl. Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken still rises near the top of our ‘most requested’ title list, and has been borrowed over 100 times.  Anything by Lee Child is hot right now, after the Jack Reacher movie hit town, but oddly, most of our copies of The Hobbit remain on the shelves.  The most circulated and requested item this year turned out to be a trilogy–Suzanne Collins‘ Hunger Games books took 3 of the top 5 places on our ‘most requested’ list.

Let us know your favorite book, DVD, audiobook or music CD for 2012, whether you discovered it in the library or out in the wild.  Your favorites are our business at The Community Library!

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