The Idaho State Legislature…now Live! from the Idaho Commission for Libraries


Wondering what your representatives in the State Legislature are up to?  Now you can check on them live!  The Idaho Commission for Libraries has added a Citizens Toolkit to their versatile and highly informative website, Libraries Linking Idaho (also known as  New citizens resources include Idaho In Session, live streaming from the House, the Governor’s offices, and the Judiciary.  The streaming works with Windows, Macs and mobile devices.  The site also covers special events, and footage is archived and searchable by subject.

For an in depth look at how our Idaho State Legislature functioned in 2004, the Frederick Wiseman documentary State Legislature explores the inner workings of the 2004 legislative session, including committees and chambers, as they worked on violence in schools, mad cow disease, video voyeurism, illegal immigration and deregulation.  New York Magazine called it one of the most important telecasts of 2007.


A generous donor has also gifted the library with five other fine Zipporah Films by Frederick Wiseman, including a two part work on Domestic Violence.   Also new to the DVD documentary shelves are La Danse: Le Ballet de L’opera de Paris, following the rehearsals and performances of the Paris Opera Ballet, La Comédie-Française ou L’amour Joué, about one of the longest running repertory theatres in the world, founded in the late 17th century in Paris, and Crazy Horse, about the iconic Parisian nightclub and cabaret, on stage and behind the scenes.


For a different look at performance art and artists, our Denizens Book of the Week today is The Sorcerer of Bayreuth:  Richard Wagner, His Work and His World by Barry Millington from Oxford University Press.  The author edits The Wagner Journal, and explores the composer with new depth and a fresh historical perspective, including delving into anti-Semitism in the works and the role of the Wagnerian cult in the Third Reich.  Find the book on our new book shelves, and visit the Max Besler Classical Music Collection as well to sample an extensive oeuvre of Wagnerian opera performances.  Read about the crafting of Der Ring des Nibelungen while listening to the work itself.  Or delve into the Teaching Company’s Great Courses lecture series on audio CD The Music of Richard Wagner.

Sorcerer of Bayreuth

Check it out at The Community Library, 415 Spruce Avenue in Ketchum, Idaho, where library cards are free to all, visitor and residents alike!

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  1. Well, it’s just my opinion, but watching legislature seems about as much fun as watching paint dry. Everything else piques my interest!

    • True, Jack Reacher it is not, but it is good to know that one can raise periscope and peek into the process now, without having to depend on variable journalistic filters. I guess it depends on the paint being applied…

  2. Well there’s interesting things for the political junkie in me and something for my classical music loving husband. Kudos.

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