Man Booker International Prize Short List is announced




three strong womenday of the oprichnik



Ten authors have been named to the Man Booker International short list, including writers from nine nations, publishing in seven different languages, and including two authors that have been censored in their own countries.  Nominated authors have to have published at least three works of fiction in the English language.  The list includes (links go to our library holdings):

Marilynne Robinson   works include Home, Gilead, and Housekeeping

Vladimir Sorokin works include the Ice Trilogy, the Queue, and Day of the Oprichnik (censored in Russia)

Yan Lianke works include Serve the People!, Dreams of Ding Village and Lenin’s Kisses (censored in China)

Marie NDiaye works include Three Strong Women, Rosie Carpe, and La Sorciere (we have three novels in the original French version)

Lydia Davis works include The End of the Story, 6S, and The Cows

U.R. Ananthamurthy works include Bharathipura and Samskara (on order)

Intizar Husain works include A Chronicle of the Peacocks, The Seventh Door and Basti (on order)

Josip Novakovich works include April Fool’s Day, Infidelities, and Apricots from Chernobyl.

Aron Appelfeld works include The Conversion, Blooms of Darkness, and Until the Dawn’s Light

Peter Stamm works include On a Day Like This, We’re Flying, and Seven Years (on order)

The Man Booker International Prize is awarded every other year.  Previous winners of the prize include Alice Munro, Chinua Achebe, Philip Roth and Ismail Kadare.

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  1. Ms. Robinson lives in Idaho, too. What better prize than that?! Just the nudge I needed to read her again!

    • I wonder if she does booktalks locally?

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