The Family of Woman Film Festival kicks off tonight at the Library at 6:00 pm

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Kate Gilmour, the Deputy Director of the United Nations Population Fund, will speak tonight at 6:00 pm in the Community Library lecture room, speaking on Women and War.  The main film presentations will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Sun Valley Opera House.  Films include the 2013 Oscar-nominated film The Invisible War, about the difficulty of finding justice for sexual assault in the U.S. military (6:00 pm Friday March 1st at the Opera House).

muktahr Mai

Festival organizers have generously donated DVDs of films presented at past events to our documentary collection, including Salaam Dunk, directed by David Fine, The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova, and Shame, the story of a Pakistani villager.  Mukhtar Mai, the subject of this video, has also written an autobiography, available in our stacks, In the Name of Honor: a Memoir.

Also of interest to our globally aware and travelling patrons–our foreign language literature collection recently received a donation of some new books and books on CD in the French and German languages.  We also have numerous resources in our reference library for learning languages, including instructional DVDs, CDs and a Rosetta Stone station.  Expand your travel horizons by touring our Departure Lounge, which is well stocked with travel guides and cultural histories about every corner of the globe, from Ladakh to Patagonia.  Or, if you feel like adventuring into the wilds of our own back yard in Idaho, go prepared with the Mountain Travel and Rescue manual put out by the National Ski Patrol.  Ski safely out there!

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  1. The film festival organizers are so generous to give the Library copies of these important works. We thank them! The Library is proud to be a part of this global effort to address the plight of women.

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