Book Trailers and Bloomsday


Publishers are exploring a new medium to market books–they are creating book trailers that function very much like movie trailers, with interesting twists.  The book trailer for the Benjamin Percy supernatural thriller Red Moon, for instance, has the feel of a well-faked Fox News broadcast.   The trailer up on ShelfLife for David Gilbert’s & Sons, on the other hand, has a clever insider interview with a rabid fan of the totally fictional author A.N. Dyer portrayed in the novel.  There’s even a demure video promoting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography, Total Recall.

Booktrailing is not limited to new releases–well known and well loved books accrue all sorts of tributes in the wilds of the internet.  I am posting this on June 16th, also known as Bloomsday to literary aficionados, the day depicted in James Joyce’s epic novel Ulysses, following Leopold Bloom through a single day.  There is currently a livestreamed reading from the book at the Irish Centre in London.  Twitter explorers can follow the hashtag #Bloomsday for links to dozens of Ulysses parties around the globe.  Ulysses is also available in an audio download in the Internet Archive Community Audio collection.

A google search produces a plethora of live and archived tributes in honor of Bloomsday.  Here’s a video of the annual celebration of  James Joyce in Dublin, where fans don period costumes and hold parties and readings in honor of the author.  Or, check out Stephen Fry’s one minute book review of Ulysses in a Why I Love This Book trailer.  The first edition of the book, in it’s original blue binding, sold for 279,000 pounds in London in 2009.  Apparently, this particular volume had gone almost unread, except for the racy bits, according to the auctioneer.

Ulysses james-joyce-001


A keyword search in our own Community Library catalog returns 80 hits on “James Joyce”.  Come on by and explore your own inner Ulysses @the Library!

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