The iPads are Here!


The Community Library now has iPads available for checking out! For one glorious week, you can take home an iPad from the Library, and explore hundreds of pre-loaded apps, links, games, and more! This is an ideal opportunity if you’ve been thinking of acquiring a tablet device, and want to explore the iPad interface for work, play, or social media of all flavors. The iPads also work well for travellers on short trips (not long ones–the checkout period is one week, nonrenewable.)

Currently, the iPads are available on a first-come, first serve basis–talk to our adult circulation desk staff to see if the device is available for a test drive.  If they are checked out?  We have two more installed in-House in our Reference Room near our free internet computers, available for all to peruse.


The circulating iPads include protective case, headphones, and charger.  We do require qualifed patrons to sign a users agreement to check out the devices (to cover replacement costs in case of loss or damage.)  Using the ‘Settings’ options, patrons can access their own home wireless internet system, or open wireless networks while out and about.  Patrons may sign in to their existing accounts on apps and sites across the web, and access everything from email to cloud content, multiplayer games to movies.  iPads are cleared by our IT department after every usage, though we strongly urge patrons to log out of personal accounts they access with the iPad device.

The iPads contain a wide variety of apps useful for work productivity as well as play–Dropbox, email, Evernote, Google Drive, WordPress, CloudOn, Numbers, Keynote, Pages and more.  Magazine subscriptions include the digital versions of the daily New York Times, The Economist, The Smithsonian, and many others.  Ebooks include the entire line of our Nook1 seriesGames include Angry Birds, Chess, Flow Free, JawsRevenge, Words HD, Tapped Out, Sudoku, Minecraft and many others.  Music apps include iTunes, NPR music and radio, Spotify, Virtuoso, Pandora, Soundhound, and TuneIn radio.

Ereaders more your style?  We’ve expanded our circulating stable of Nooks to include 4 different adult offerings spread across 24 devices, packed with hundreds of classics and bestsellers.  Our Children’s Librarian, DeAnn Campbell, has also just added 4 new Nooks loaded with Summer Reading Program titles.  All the Nooks can be placed on hold if you see a book (or books!) that you like.

Expand your digital horizons @The Community Library!

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