The Valley is Open, the Wagon Days Community Party is On!

Double Rainbow over the Firefighter Appreciation Party at River Run Lodge, Sun Valley Idaho

Double Rainbow over the Firefighter Appreciation Party at River Run Lodge

The Wood River Valley is OPEN, and by longstanding tradition after a setback, we are throwing a county-wide party over the Labor Day weekend. We are inviting everyone near and far to celebrate Wagon Days with the Valley this weekend. Also following long custom, the Library will close Saturday Aug. 31st for Wagon Days, and Monday Sept. 1st for Labor Day to join the celebration, including parades, music and two rodeos. The forecast this weekend is for warm weather and clear, blue skies. We are also continuing to celebrate our first responders and firefighters who, in the face of very long odds, made Wagon Days possible this year. Most have now moved on to other critical incidents around the country, including the Rim Fire, and we wish them all fair winds and safe travels.

Soft Track Attack Montana Firefighter shirt logo

Montana Firefighter

Today (Thursday the 29th of August) from 12-2 The Community Library is hosting a panel discussion about the impact of the wildfire on local businesses and non-profit organizations. The panel will be moderated by Cynthia Dillon, ED, Director of The Community Library. We feel the public will be concerned about the economic damage incurred by the evacuations in the Valley, and would like to share ideas promoting the region going forward. Also up for discussion–contingency plans for the next Beaver Creek or Castle Rock Fire, or other regional or state-wide disasters.

Superior National forest fire logo, firefighter

Superior NF Fire Team

As of August 28th, many parts of Bald Mountain and the Sawtooth National Forest were officially reopened to nearby trail use, including the west side of Highway 75 north of Prairie Creek and the 4-H camp to Galena Summit.

There will be plenty of places for visitors to sightsee and camp in and around the Valley. The view off the top of Baldy from the tram should be awe-inspiring, both for where the fire burned, and where it was stopped cold. Fire officials do ask that sightseers observe trail markers and avoid areas where lines are still under construction and rehabilitation around the fire perimeter. Maps can be found on Inciweb, or ask at the Ketchum Ranger District offices on Sun Valley Road.)

Beth Lund Great Basin Type 1 Team commander at Sun Valley thank you BBQ

Team Leader Beth Lund sporting a local fire logo

Thank you to the professionals and volunteers who pulled together throughout the Valley, the nation (and Canada!) to put down the Beaver Creek Fire. We wish the very best of luck on current and future fires threatening communities locally and globally.

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