Patron Requests–A Book Holiday just for You, by Book or by Nook

I’m preparing the last two book orders of the year–there’s plenty of time to get in your own personal pre-holiday request for your favorite title, subject, genre or author! Create your own reading refuge from the coming festivities.

The Community Library can take patron requests for new publications in person, from the website, or just comment right here. The next book order goes out today. We can find myriads of older favorite books through Interlibrary Loan from other libraries all over the country.

Nook Book of the Day

Nook Book of the Day

We also do requests for our electronic Nook Books, as well! It is an ideal choice if you are travelling for the holidays and don’t want to carry extra reading weight–just check out one of our Nooks, just like a book! Each Nook is loaded with dozens of fiction and nonfiction titles. You’ll never run out of reading on the plane, train or beach. We’ll even load a travel guide on request!

Have your heart set on a new bestseller, but find it checked out? We may be able to load it on a Nook for you in just minutes. Just ask a friendly librarian at The Community Library circulation desk, we’ll see what we can do.

Our Nook Book of the Day today is The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The respected historian explores the clash of politics and pride between Taft and Teddy Roosevelt, robber barons, and the independent press from the end of the Gilded Age to the spark of the Progressive Era. The cast of characters and stances are familiar from today’s headlines–corrupt politicians, legislative gridlock, corporate exploitation of public resources, technological advance, income decline, muckraking, and calls for reform. We have six copies available on our Nook3 series–check it out!

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