Join the Guitar Circle with Taul Paul–Followup Meeting February 20th–three new guitars are now circulating in our stacks!

Edit February 7th: Due to the enthusiasm of our first meeting on January 23rd, we are holding another Guitar Circle event Thursday, February 20th, at 6:00 pm. Bring your stringed instrument, (or just yourself, and listen in!) The lecture room door will open early for those who want to tune up or compare notes. If you’d like a copy of Taul Paul’s music sheets before the event, email me here at the Community Library– cbutterfield


Two new Fender FA100 six-string guitars have arrived for our patrons, generously donated by Tana Stahn at Chesbro Music in Idaho Falls. The guitars join our Little Martin guitar in a budding music station offering–the guitars may be checked out just like a book, for 2 weeks. Patrons can place a hold on the guitars if they are already circulating (our Martin has proved very popular since it’s introduction in November, and now has two holds from interested players.) The new Fenders are geared to patrons who want to learn the guitar, as well as skilled players who may need an instrument for a short time to practice skills or entertain friends.

fender pic.php

Interested in learning more? This Thursday, Taul Paul, local musician, poet and riverman, will conduct an event at 6:00 pm January 23rdat The Community Library covering the history of guitars and the use of stringed instruments–please join us, whether you are interested in guitars, learning to play, or musical Americana. Following the talk, interested patrons and musicians can join Taul Paul in an informal Guitar Circle discussion with instruments (we will have at least one Fender on hand for patrons to borrow and play.) Let me know by commenting below if you might be interested in a regular meeting of a freeform and free Guitar Circle at the Library! Or give us a call and ask for Cathy in Collection Development–I will add you to the list. taulpaul w guitar

Also, we have a number of new books in our music section for new learners and experienced players alike on chords, techniques, and styles. Also, we’ve added some guitar and keyboard songbooks as well, including a compendium of the music and lyrics of Johnny Cash. Explore the art of songwriting, playing or just indulge your curiosity–visit the library!

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  1. Oooooooh! Johnny Cash has some good songs about the railroad and trains. Might make a nice piece of an exhibit sound track for this summer’s exhibit tentatively entitled: Wood and Rails: Railroad History in the Wood River Valley!

    • Johnny Cash would definitely add to a great sound track for the event. The book covers Folsom Prison Blues and Orange Blossom Special. Arlo and Woody Guthrie have a few, too–City of New Orleans springs to mind. Utah Phillips and even farther back, Joe Hill would add a lot of local Union zing to the proceedings.

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