Voices of Ireland

Voices of Ireland book cover by Malachy McCourt

Spring is approaching, and St. Patrick summons the young shoots of summer with feasting and observances (at least, his pagan forebears did, during the equinoxial feast of Ostara, with which the saint’s day closely coincides.) If you are planning a party, or enjoy the sound of roots Irish ballads, we have a number of Irish music CDs and Irish-themed DVDs, and many, many books, celebrating Irish history and culture from the sea-roving Celts to the Irish Brigade. If you’d like to go further back into the mists of the lore of Ireland, we have a number of druidic tomes in our Lister Collection of arcane books.

The chieftains music CD Voice of Ages

Celtic themes abound in our music CDs, from Van Morrison to the Chieftains, and Michael Flatley to Hayley Westenra. The DVD The Secret of Kells was shown at the Sun Valley Spiritual Festival. Or you can tap your inner Bard by delving into 1,000 years of Irish Poetry.

The real Saint Patrick was an active cleric, but didn’t really drive the snakes from Ireland–there hadn’t been snakes in Ireland since before the last ice age, according to National Geographic on the subject.) Some say the claim is a metaphor for Catholic evangelism, though there is strong evidence that polytheism survived in Ireland long after Patrick’s time. We have resources exploring many sides of Irish culture, from A Brief History of the Druids to On the Irish Waterfront, and with Irish oratory ranging from James Joyce to Edmund Burke.

Threads of green run through the Wood River Valley, the green of the forests, the green of Wood River school colors, and the American version of the holiday has brought out many a screaming green costume over the years on March 17th. Celebrate the coming of spring and the wearing ‘o the green your way, @The Community Library.

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