Wood River Reads–One Book, One Community–July-October 2015

The libraries of the Wood River Valley are banding together to create a Valley-wide event uniting readers from all over the Wood River, and beyond. Librarians from Hailey Public Library, Bellevue Public Library, and the Community Library in Ketchum are conspiring to bring the Wood River one Really Good Book to share, experience and discuss up and down the Wood River watershed.

Wood River Reads logo-What Page Are You On?

What is the book? That’s a secret! The librarians are running silent on the title. However, keep a close eye on the floats in the July 4th parade in Hailey for the big reveal!

The Wood River Reads website on Dreamwidth is now open for speculation and discussion for all! The site is co-hosted by Wood River librarians, but open to all our far-flung readers.

What book will be chosen? We have some clues in advance of the Big Reveal on the Fourth. Enter your guesses in the comments, either here or at Wood River Reads–no account needed for anonymous posting. Some memorable lines from the book are loosely paraphrased here:

“Anxiety is not warranted at this point; you will be informed as soon as it is.”
“At our age, exchanging blows to resolve our differences was out of the question.”
“Drop the embellishments, and what remains will be the actual truth.”

Wood River Reads
Mystery Book Anagram Clue!
Guided by the accompanying clue, rearrange the letters in each phrase to produce the answer.
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Clue: The “true identity” of one of our young protagonists
(3 words of 4, 6 and 5 letters)

Welcome to Wood River Reads!

A Focus on History, Regional and Beyond



Sandra Hofferber, our hyper-talented Director of Regional History, has written and assembled a book!  A Pictorial Early History of the Wood River Valley delves into the Community Library’s own unique oral interviews, photos, maps and scrapbooks of early settlers. There will be a book launch party at the Library tonight at 6:00 pm to celebrate the publication!  Come and see the book in person (and get one signed!) or view it online at our Lulu sales site.  If you are out of the area, the ebook is available for 5.99, and the paperback for 15.00.  All proceeds support the Library and our Regional History collection.

The book starts with accounts of the First Nation peoples that lived in the Valley for thousands of years before the arrival of fur trappers, stockmen and miners in the 19th century. It continues through the many waves of immigrants, the gold and sheep booms, and the establishment of early hot springs resorts in Warm Springs and Clarendon, before the opening of Sun Valley ski mecca.  We have a copy in the stacks–check it out!  Or visit Regional History anytime to see much, much more!

As a happenchance, today I was weeding another section of history in our collection, and found some orphan books that need a little patron love before they go to the Gold Mine.  Dovetailing with the Wood River history, we have Frontier Women and The Spirit of Indian Women, with firsthand tales of how western women from all walks carved a living in the 19th century West.  As this is Women’s History Month, these books get a bye back to the shelves.  They join I Dwell in Possibility–Women Build a Nation 1600-1920, and A Shining Thread of Hope:  The History of Black Women in America.

Also getting new life on the shelf are a history of the first international women’s movement, Joyous Greetings by Bonnie Anderson and Not for Ourselves Alone, the story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.  Three studies of the modern feminist movement were also spared, including Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future and Grassroots: a Field Guide for Feminist Activism , written by Jennifer Baumgardner, a speaker at the Library just a few years back.

Delve into the past, and look to the future, @The Community Library!


Sun Valley Writers’ Conference 2013 Attendees are Announced


horoscopes for the dead

The 2013 Sun Valley Writers’ Conference is scheduled for August 23-26 this summer.  The list of scheduled speakers has been posted, with details about their achievements and writings.  This year’s lineup is lead by journalist and writer Katherine Boo, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Behind the Beautiful Forevers:  Life, death and hope in a Mumbai undercity.  The book earned the 2012 National Book Award for Nonfiction. Speakers include familiar faces from past conferences with new works:  Strobe Talbott has Fast Forward: Ethics and politics in the age of global warming  and poet Billy Collins recently released Horoscopes for the Dead.  Simon Winchester has released three books in the last year and a half, now one the shelves of the Community Library, including Skulls : an exploration of Alan Dudley’s curious collection.

behind the beautiful forevers

Many other award winning writers are speaking at the conference, and many of their books can be checked out and enjoyed by interested readers, even if they can’t make the summer event.  We have explorer, ethnographer and filmmaker Wade Davis’ 2011 book Into the Silence (and more books on order.)  Other filmmakers involved with the 2013 conference include Jacob Rosenberg (Waiting for Lightning, Avatar), Howard Gordon (Homeland and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Alex Gansa (Homeland and 24).

New to the Writers’ Conference website this year:  Anne Taylor Fleming is posting individual interviews with the 2013 speakers, asking about their own favorite books, authors, and reading habits.  The first interview is with Strobe Talbott, who favors John LeCarre’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  Talbott’s most intriguing recent reads include Reinventing Bach by Paul Elie and The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson.

orphan masters son

For those unable to attend the conference, multivarious works by the talented authors are available @ The Community Library!  We also have audio CDs of the Best of the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference speeches over the last years in our audiobook collection.  If you are interested in a book, audio CD or DVD that is not in our collection, we can borrow items from libraries all over the country through our Interlibrary Loan program.  We also closely track acquisition requests for new books.  Let us know what captures your interest for your next read.  Finding is our business.


Man Booker International Prize Short List is announced




three strong womenday of the oprichnik



Ten authors have been named to the Man Booker International short list, including writers from nine nations, publishing in seven different languages, and including two authors that have been censored in their own countries.  Nominated authors have to have published at least three works of fiction in the English language.  The list includes (links go to our library holdings):

Marilynne Robinson   works include Home, Gilead, and Housekeeping

Vladimir Sorokin works include the Ice Trilogy, the Queue, and Day of the Oprichnik (censored in Russia)

Yan Lianke works include Serve the People!, Dreams of Ding Village and Lenin’s Kisses (censored in China)

Marie NDiaye works include Three Strong Women, Rosie Carpe, and La Sorciere (we have three novels in the original French version)

Lydia Davis works include The End of the Story, 6S, and The Cows

U.R. Ananthamurthy works include Bharathipura and Samskara (on order)

Intizar Husain works include A Chronicle of the Peacocks, The Seventh Door and Basti (on order)

Josip Novakovich works include April Fool’s Day, Infidelities, and Apricots from Chernobyl.

Aron Appelfeld works include The Conversion, Blooms of Darkness, and Until the Dawn’s Light

Peter Stamm works include On a Day Like This, We’re Flying, and Seven Years (on order)

The Man Booker International Prize is awarded every other year.  Previous winners of the prize include Alice Munro, Chinua Achebe, Philip Roth and Ismail Kadare.